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Here is a list of download packages available for download.
You will need a program to extract the archives, we recommend WinRAR.

Technician Remote Support Download Packages:

Show My PC
ShowMyPC GF.exe (Version 3572)

NINITE Full Distribution Package ~Paul

NOD Subscription
NOD_Remote_x32     12/06/2019 ~Paul
NOD_Remote_x64     12/06/2019 ~Paul
NOD_MAC Agent      12/06/2019 ~Paul
NOD_Stand_Alone_ERA_x64 7.2.2055.0    12/06/2019 ~Paul
NOD_Stand_Alone_ERA_x86 7.2.2055.0    12/06/2019 ~Paul
NOD_Endpoint_Agent_Standalone_PC_GF    12/06/2019 ~Paul



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