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A computer network is basically a group of computers communicating with each
other, in other words a computer network allows you to share printers,
documents, multimedia files (Music, Videos etc.) and Pictures.There are two ways can help you setup a Computer Network:



Setting up a Home Network

In order to setup a Home Network you need a router; all your network devices
such as computers, printers, etc. will plug in to the router using an Ethernet
cable. The router will communicate with the ISP (Internet Service Provider)
Modem thus giving every computer access to the internet at the same time. The
router will also allow you to share printers if all devices are within the same
work group.

This is what you need to set up a Home Network:

ISP for access to internet (Cox, CenturyLink, etc.)

Ethernet (Cat5e) Cable

Router (Wired or Wireless)

Note: For a secured wireless network you need to setup a Security Key (WPA2)
to avoid unwanted users log in to your network.