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Antivirus and Malware Solutions

GeekForce NOD Subscription

(602) 477-8020

Thousands of computers a day get infected with Malware and Viruses, protection on computers and devices is vital to your protection. understands the risks the internet poses on your home, viruses and malware infect your computers, phones, and devices. These threats can collect important information about you, your family, your finances and will exploit you using unethical tactics to collect from you. partners with internet security companies to provide you with the latest in technology and security essentials to keep you and your data private and safe.
Our tested and verifiable protection suite not only protects your computers, phones, and devices, but also give you peace of mind with our company backing your protection. We include in our security software our Click 'N Clean application to automate cleaning up your computer and keeping it running at it's best possible speed.
With our Geekforce NOD subscription we guarantee your computer free from viruses for the term of your subscription. If your computer gets infected, we will clean it, fix it, and make it right again at no charge***. We are a local company serving the Phoenix Metropolitan area, no out of country call center to call, just certified technicians that will address your issue either remotely or come to your door. Our mission is to keep your technology running safely and efficiently.


Subscription Pricing is as follows:
1 Computer: $155/yr
2 Computers: $270/yr
3 Computers: $390/yr
4 Computers: $500/yr
5 or More: Call for Volume Discount Price

Android/iPhone: $85/yr




*** Subscription entitles customer to a free clean reinstall of the computer and operating system in the event of a virus or malware corruption that cannot be removed by technician. Upon subscription renewal, the computer is cleaned by a technician, programs updated, and licenses and definitions reinstalled. The subscription warranty shall be rendered void if any of the following activities are discovered from past or present use on the computer. Torrent Sharing (Peer to Peer file sharing), Pirated Software, Malware, browser extensions, viruses as a result of disabling the protection, or purposely disabling the NOD protection in order to install something that the protection was blocking when attempting install. Allowing third party solicitors by phone or internet popup to remote control your computer for the purpose of "fixing" your computer from viruses where they then remove all of your protection programs and licenses, further requiring you to pay them for some sort of unverifiable warranty, or applying a password on your computer to collect a high price ransom in order to retrieve said password which they put on your computer. Generally, when in doubt, a free call to can save you time, frustration and money due to false internet claims.