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Is your computer acting slow, or not responding at all?

Are you constantly getting pop up Ads?

Did you loose connection to the Internet?

If your answer for some or all of these questions is yes, then you could be
infected with a computer virus.

Computer viruses can be very harmful and damaging to your computer system,
root files, and various program files. A computer virus can also increase the
risk of hacker threats and attacks, and open the door to even more unauthorized
downloads and software installations. Many computer viruses are designed to
self-replicate and self-install over a very short period of time. They are
written with specific instructions to destroy and advance through the infected
computer, and can affect a multitude of programs and applications very quickly.

These are some examples of viruses and malware programs:




     Root Kits


Having proper protection and avoiding sites that you don’t recognize could
prevent you from getting infected with viruses or malware. At we
use our signature program Click-n-Clean in combination with ESET’s NOD32 anti
virus program to protect your computer and valuable data from getting infected.
We Also feature a 1 year virus free warranty; should your computer get infected
with a virus or any kind of malware program, we will fix your computer at NO

Check out the Media Bar on our Home Page and click on “Anti-Virus & Anti-Spyware”
video to learn more about Virues, Spyware and other Malware.